Had A Missed Call on your Samsung Galaxy S?

Last Updated on Friday, 07 October 2011 15:53

Back in the days when I was still using a Nokia phone, I still remembered the friendly blinking red or blue light by the side of the phone that indicates a missed call or a missed sms. In my opinion, this was one of those small things that went on to become a "must-have" for all future phones. All of us took that for granted!

If you are a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S, and you are missing this small feature in your phone, your solution is here!

Thanks to the ongoing work and brilliance over at the xda-developer community, a developer by the name of madmack has developed an app that can replicate this behaviour on your Samsung Galaxy S.

What madmack did was simple. In his forum posting, this is what he mentioned:

"..... the application does the following:

1. When your phone receives a notification, it switches the screen on and displays a red dot somewhere in the top left corner. The location of this dot is random every time you receive a new notification. This will guarantee using different LEDs so that the same ones won't be burned out ! The reason why I chose red is because it uses the least amount of energy to display.

2. The app runs as a service, after installing, you'll need to lock the screen once and unlock it for it to activate. After this, the application should run automatically after a reboot.

3. To get rid of the red dot, the only key you can use is the home key. Using the capacitive touch buttons will do nothing, and so is clicking anywhere on the screen. Once your screen turns on, the notifications disappear and will not come up until a new notification sound is received......."

It's nice to see that a much-valued feature by some is getting addressed by Android developers.

You can try it out and download the apk file here. Just a word of caution as the application is still in Beta mode but it should be relatively easy to set up!

2 more quick points:

1) Make sure the notification sounds that you choose for your other apps are the default samsung notifications or what you placed in /sdcard/sd/media/audio/notifications
Any other sound notifications will not trigger the program to display the notification screen.

2) You need not be rooted to run this application.


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