Dell No Longer Part of the US Smartphone Market?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 22:53

Dell has recently announced their plan to discontinue sales of their smartphones in the United States. According to the manufacturer, their Venue and Venue Pro models have already reached end of life. If it’s any consolation, Dell still plan to introduce a new batch of smartphone models to the US market in the later part of the year.

When asked about the specific release date of the new smartphones, a spokeswoman from Dell declined to give a comment. Instead, she simply confirmed the news that Dell is also planning to release new tablets together with the new smartphones models.

Apart from selling the Venue smartphones in the US, Dell is also offering them in South Korea and India. At the same time, the Dell Streak smartphones are available in China and Japan. The Streak tablets, on the other hand, are available in China and some other countries.

For those who can still remember, it was only recently that Dell entered the US smartphone market with the Aero smartphone and the Streak 5 tablet/smartphone in August 2010. A few months later, Dell introduced the Venue and Venue Pro smartphones, which ran on Android and Windows Phone 7 OS respectively. A year after the Streak 5 was introduced, Dell decided to discontinue it.

“While Dell is putting more emphasis on enterprise products, it also wants to maintain its presence in markets for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,” said Technology Business Research senior analyst, Ezra Gottheil. “The company will offer smartphones and tablets that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and that can easily plug into Dell’s services offerings.

“The company has already stated it will launch Windows 8 tablets later this year, but the company is likely to keep its OS options open for smartphones and tablets.

“So far Android has not proven to be a terribly attractive in the business market.” Gottheil added.



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