New Car Insurance Comparison App for Android Users

Last Updated on Monday, 10 February 2014 16:49

For Android smartphone users on the move wondering about where they can get the best deal on their car insurance, a new app has been developed just for you. The moneysupermarket car insurance app has been created by price comparison experts to let Android users get the best possible price.

Free of charge, this app is the first to be created specifically for car insurance. Its makers have helped to make it easy for users to get a quote for car insurance within minutes. MoneySupermarket say that people who get a quote using the app can save up to £375 annually on their insurance.

The biggest attraction of this app is the ability to get a quote from dozens of insurers across the UK. Simply by completing a form by entering your details, a list of quotes from each insurer appears, detailing the price, as well as what each policy covers. For those who’ve never heard of price comparison websites, the app is easy to use.

The ‘click to call’ function, where you can call insurers directly after seeing a quote, is just another reason why this app is essential for motorists looking for a better car insurance deal. If you see a quote you like the look of, then you can buy it immediately, while if you’re filling in a form and haven’t the time to finish it, you can save it.

Motorists who want to save money will find this app to be an invaluable tool. As well as making getting a quote much easier than expected, the ability to use it just about anywhere on your Android phone means it can be done just about anywhere that you can get a signal.

The App is available to download from the Google Play.



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