POGO Games Gets Androidified

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 22:45

When it comes to the mobile gaming industry, EA is definitely a brand name that can make heads turn. In fact, they have been doing quite well for the past couple of years. To bring games to the online community, they have introduced Pogo, a browser-based gaming arena for those who do not prefer to play games on their mobile devices.

A while back, it was questioned whether or not Pogo would be making an appearance on Android. During that time, it was completely out of the picture and was not seen as feasible. As a result, speculation about Pogo Games joining Android was no longer talked about.

Until recently, there has been an announcement that Pogo Games will be joining Android. Well, at least four of the most popular games on their website. The games will be available for free as a bundled package. These games include Poppit!, Word Whomp, Sweet Tooth 2, and Turbo 21. There will also be an opportunity for Android users to unlock World Class Solitaire game.

Apart from being able to play these games on your Android device, you can also share your scores to your Facebook account. If you already have an account on Pogo, you can access your profile and earn tokens and ranks. There is also the option to join Club Pogo, a monthly-based subscription to Pogo, which will grant you access to more than 40 ad-free games on your device. If you would like to get this bundle, you can head over to Google Play Store and download the app for free.


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